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on track

The Challenge:

Despite the vast availability of personal metrics and health apps, people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We were asked to develop a tool that will drive them to action.

The Goal:

Create an app for adults who have ADHD and others who struggle to stay focused and complete tasks they set out to achieve.


UX UI Designer


2 week design sprint


User research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Desktop Landing Page, High-Fi Mobile

Target Device:

Mobile (ios or android)




What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder that includes a combination of persistent problems that can range from mild to severe, such as: difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity, and restless behaviour.


Some coping skills include: Taking downtime and allow oneself some headspace to gather thoughts, creating systems and learning how to prioritise and plan, and breaking down tasks into smaller more manageable steps.




20 question survey with 15 response

We asked people how they manage their ADHD, what they do to help themselves stay focused and if they use any apps to help with these things.


of respondents say they often get distracted when completing tasks and often take breaks when studying or working to help maintain focus.


of respondents said they start new tasks before completing the one at hand which shows that they’re in need of reminders and are overall dissatisfied with their study habits.


 of users state they’re inpatient, dislike queues, and drive fast.


4 interviews

We used what we learnt from the general research and surveys to structure the interview questions. These focused on types of treatments, remedies, and coping skills that people use to help us gain a deeper understanding of their pains and how we could create something that would truly benefit the user.


reported creating lists helps them to remember and keeps them accountable


said they get a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction from completing a task they set for themselves and this is reinforced if the receive a form of positive reinforcement


Stated the need to take breaks when focusing for periods of time


find it very difficult to stay focused and struggle to finish something from start to end without getting distracted

if you lose track, there's nothing that reminds you
Anything that's not the task that i was doing is a reward for me
Just knowing the goal can be enough to keep me on track so it's vert rewarding when you cross it out 
Insight Uncovered

Adults struggle to remember to complete tasks because they can’t stay focused.

How Might We

How might we create an interactive app that encourages users who are forgetful and lack focus to stay attentive when completing tasks?

ux strategy blueprint

We use the UX Strategy Blueprint to help us narrow our focus in on who we’re trying to design for and how we can best help those users. 
UX Strategy Blueprint.png

Empathy Map

We took what we had uncovered from the blueprint and the research to create an empathy map that allowed us uncover the all important pains and gains.
EMPATHY MAP- on track.jpg


Users feel like they're missing out on drops, limited editions, colour ways and more.

Users aren't satisfied with how they search & find shoes. Their research alone isn't enough to find everything that might fit their interests


Users trust their community to give them accurate feedback on products

To discover trends & collections that they may not have otherwise found



Mike Obdula.jpg

User Journey

Now that we had Mike to design for we wanted to see what his pains and gains would look like in a specific scenario. This allowed us to understand him on a deeper level.
Mike Journey Map.jpg
problem statement

Young adults who suffer from attention deficits need a way to stay focused while working without getting distracted because they struggle to complete tasks and thus get discouraged and frustrated with themselves.

Hypothesis statement

We believe in creating an interactive app that integrates reminders and helps users with attention deficits stay focused. We will know we are successful when users achieve better task completion and increase productivity

Minimum viable product

Create focus sessions with breaks integrated to complete tasks efficiently without distractions. offer incentives and provide progress reports to motivate the user to continue to utilise the app.

jobs to be done

When I use ontrack I want to complete a task within a set time while avoiding distractions to stay focused so I can successfully prioritise what I must get done and fulfil the task at hand.

moscow method

We had many ideas from the beginning of our empathise stage of how to create ONTRACK and the kinds of features we could include. We received more ideas from the interviews and so decided to create a MoSCoW method to categorise the features we must, should, could, and won’t include.

Site map

Following the MOSCOW method we wanted to understand and categorise the relationship between the features we had defined and so we went on to create a Site Map
Site Map.jpg

User flow

user goal

To study for college using the ONTRACK app by completing a Focus Session.

User Flow- Focus Session.jpg

ideate & test


For this low-fi ideation session we focused on the Homepage, creating a new focus session, focus session, break screen, and session summary. For each round we voted and created a final version of each screen.
Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 06.04.31.png

Usability Studies

We conducted 3 low-fi usability studies

1. Start a new focus session
2. Explain how you’d set the time and break
3. Start Session
4. Complete Session


From what you’ve seen would you do anything differently?

Problem Areas and solutions

Low-fi problem areas.jpg
Low-fi solutions.jpg
new focus session
Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 10.27.48.png



Usability Studies

We conducted 3 mid-fi usability studies

The testers were given the same instructions as the low-fi usability tests however this time we were able to prototype it for a more realistic experience.

Problem Areas and solutions

Mid-fi problem areas HP.jpg
Mid-fi Solutions HP.jpg
new focus session
Mid-fi Solutions break.jpg

visual design

Style Tile

Style Tile5.0 white.jpg

design system

Design System.jpg

final design

landing page

Desktop landing page.jpg

hi-fi native app

Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 11.33.41.png


Next Steps

Next on the agenda would be to perform further usability tests with wellness coaches and their clients and iterate based on the results.

Additionally we would like to test our landing page and the achievements screen on the app.


Creating a cohesive and coherent design systems is so important to creating a seamless and consistent design.

After presenting our project, our instructor gave us feedback on the A/B testing. We completed this testing with similar colour schemes, cards and typography. We learned that to get more effective results we should create two completely different style tiles by changing more than just a few colours.


PF mockup.png
SNKRS casestudy image.png
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