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Flok22, is a social meet-up app that launched in 2021. Flok22 helps people to make friends and grow their network in real-time situations. Attempting to combat excessive planning, no-shows, ghosting, and catfishing, Flok22 encourages people to make authentic connections with likeminded individals.

Role: UX/UI Designer

Responsibilities: Project Managing, Meeting and Strategy Facilitating, Researching, UI, Interviewing, Testing, Iterating.

Duration: 2 Months

Tools: Figma


In a technology-dominated world, people are increasingly reliant on technology for connections, leading to feelings of loneliness. How might we bridge the gap between technology and in-person connections to create a safe and meaningful space?


To redesign Flok22’s existing app by merging technology and in-person connections to create a secure and user-friendly platform that combats loneliness and encourages meaningful interactions.


In today’s society we crave stronger social connections because people are lonely

People want to go on more adventures with likeminded individuals

People need motivation to find new friends

People want to feel as though they're safe and protected when using meet-up apps

After conducting research through competitor analysis, surveys, and interviews I was able to uncover these insights that helped to determine how to approach MVP solutions.



Prioritise safety and security features



Improve app usability through system status, user control and freedom, and aesthetic design


Help users connect with likeminded people by providing subtle motivations

Design Analysis

After taking a good look at the app and spotting the usability issues, I had a clear idea of how to make it better. I made sure the changes matched what the stakeholders wanted and used insights from the users.

Redesigned Experiences

Profile Set-Up

While the initial onboarding process was quick, it lacked detailed explanations and specificity. In the redesign, I provided clear descriptions, offering filtering options, and presenting users with relevant information about the app and its usage at various stages.


Following the onboarding and profile setup, the users would be directed to the Bird’s Eye View map feature. Here, I incorporated a Filter icon for effortless customisation of preferences, a list icon for quick access to Flok Spots, and a notification centre ensuring convenient navigation. The navigation bar was redesigned to align with the brand’s aesthetics and maintain a cohesive visual identity.

NON - Home Comparison v1.png
NON - Checked In comparison.png


When users are near the venue, they can go ahead and check-in. Once they’ve checked-in, they’ll see this screen.The previous version of the interface contained extra units of information that could potentially confuse users. To address this issue, I streamlined the design by removing those elements, enhancing the clarity of exits, and aligning the colour palette with the brand. These improvements ensure a more coherent and visually consistent user experience.

Too Far Away to Check-In

If the user clicks on a venue but is not within 100 meters of the location, they will see this screen. As ensuring user safety and privacy is a paramount concern for Flok22 and their users, I made it a priority to share information with users only when necessary. I also provided a clearer exit route and concise instructions on how to check-in to a venue.

NON - Too Far comparison.png
NON - Messages Comparison v1.png


In the previous version, there was limited visual indication for users when they received a message. To address this, in the redesigned version I incorporated a message indicator on both the bottom navigation and unread messages.

Missed Connections

This feature allows users to connect with others who were checked-in to the same venue but didn’t connect at the time. Users have 48 hours to send a connection request before the missed connection disappears. Considering the research findings on the need for stronger social connections and addressing user loneliness, I decided to incorporate a clock into the user’s profile image. This visual aid serves as a reminder and encouragement for users to connect with like-minded individuals. Additionally, I included information modules to ensure users have all the necessary details.

NON - Missed Connections Comparison.png
NON -Profile Comparison.png


The previous version included a confusing button and limited customisation. The revamped profile section has many more options. Enhancing user engagement and facilitating better connections by presenting a dynamic and comprehensive profile experience. Additionally, the inclusion of a preview profile button addresses user expectations, enabling them to view their profiles from others’ perspectives.

Additional Screens

In order to continue achieving the project goals; now users get in-app notifications, clear explanations when they connect with someone, helpful reminders, and easy-to-use safety features. Putting usability and safety at the forefront of the design.


User Flows

User connects with another user at a Flok Spot based on common interests. User decides to disconnect and connects with someone new

Userflow1  case.png

User wants to talk to users that they missed at a Flok Spot

Userflow2 case study.png


Based on the usability testing results where 4/5 testers instinctively navigated towards the messages page, expecting to find the requests there, I removed the separate notification centre and connection request pages. Instead, I incorporated the important information related to connection requests directly into the messages section of the app, simplifying the user experience and improving usability.

NON- Messages Comparison.png


The Flok22 stakeholders were extremely happy with the redesign, stating that I truly transformed their app. Currently, the app is in the process of being rebuilt and is set to launch soon with this redesigned version. 

If you'd like to look around the final prototype in a new window, you can find it here

If you'd like to read the in-depth version of this case study, you can find that right here!


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