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The Challenge:

Analyse an already existing and highly adopted app and incorporate a new feature into the existing product. The feature you develop will be based on an area of functionality to be explored and compared to user input.

The Goal:

Create a feature within the SNKRS by Nike app that allows users to add items to a Collection on their profile and the ability to view their friend’s Collections.


UX UI Designer


4 day design sprint


User flows, how the feature fits into the app navigation, Evaluation of your design against heuristics, high-fidelity prototype, evidence for key decisions through research and testing

Target Device:

Mobile (ios or android)



Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 11.48.25.png

A little about Snkrs by nike

SNKRS by Nike is an app that allows users to explore, buy, and unlock the many sneakers and merchandise that Nike has to offer. It allows the users access to the latest launches, hottest events, and exclusive releases.

So what's SNKRS lacking?

Users want to see what their friends are collecting and buying but currently have no way to do so.



6 interviews

4 were avid shoe collectors while 2 enjoyed a good pair of shoes but wouldn’t say they’re collectors.


Said it would help them discover new trends, collections, limited editions and colour ways


Said they use their trusted others for recommendations & reviews


Said their friends would find things they wouldn't have been able to find as they don't like doing to research or they find it difficult.

I wouldn’t miss out on what’s coming out
It’s a good way to discover new shoes that I haven’t found
I don’t have to do sift through all the shoes, I could just use what others found. It’s hard to find shoes
Insight Uncovered

Sneaker collectors want help from their friends to expand their sneaker awareness but are currently restricted in doing so

How Might We

How might we make sneaker collecting a more collaborative and rewarding experience for the user?

Empathy Map

Creating the empathy map helped to really empathise with the user and focused me in on the most important problems that the user needs solving.


Users feel like they're missing out on drops, limited editions, colour ways and more.

Users aren't satisfied with how they search & find shoes. Their research alone isn't enough to find everything that might fit their interests


Users trust their community to give them accurate feedback on products

To discover trends & collections that they may not have otherwise found


Jobs to be done

I then wanted to understand how I could best implement this feature in the most beneficial way to the user.
Customer Job

Discover sneakers that they weren't able to find 


Discover Feeling like they're missing out on drop times and releases


Being able to discover sneakers that they wouldn't have come across without using each others profiles. 

job hired

Create a separate section within each users profile called Collections which allows users to curate collections as well as collobarte and share collections with friends

Main Job Story

When researching sneakers, I want to see what my friends are saving and collecting, so I can discover sneaker trends, colour ways, and releases so I don’t miss out on anything.

New user story

When researching sneakers, I’m able to see what my friends are saving and collecting, by viewing it on their profile. Now I can discover more trends, colour ways, and releases than I couldn’t have found without their indirect help!


Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 13.29.38.png

User Journey

I next wanted to understand how the current SNKRS app would impact Nano so I created a User Journey for him.
User Journey Map.jpg
problem statement

Sneaker heads need a way to add saved collections to their profile while being able to view what others have collected because they want help to expand their sneaker awareness but are currently restricted in doing so.

User flow

Having completed the User Journey, I knew how I could make Nano’s experience much more rewarding and enjoyable and so I created the User Flow
user goal

Log onto the app, locate friends list of collections and view what sneakers they've collected and add to own collection.

User flow 2.jpg

design principles

Nike doesn't clarify any design principles online, so I then decided to look through their sites and get a clearer vision of what I understood their design principles to be. These were; Simplicity, Uniqueness & Balance.


Simple Shapes
Easy to read font
Bold but clear colours


Use of contrast - One bold colour such as red with a simple white or black background


Total weight of each object should be the same

ideate & Prototype






Mid-Fi Usability Studies

I conducted 5 usability studies

Go onto your friends profile and add an item from their collection to your own.


How did you find that experience?

Problem Areas.jpg

Problem Areas

Mid-Fi iteration

I moved the title of each collection to the picture. I reflected upon the design principles and reviewed the way the current app is organised as this felt more on brand.

I removed the See More button, now each collection had its own clickable area with the title within the picture making it much more simple.
Mid-fi iteration.jpg


Final Words

Next Steps

Conduct Usability studies on would focus on prioritising the buttons within the friends collection page [Favourite / Save / Bag / Interact] as they seem cluttered.

Additionally I would implement some interaction between users and their friends collections such as like, comment and share the items that their friends have saved.


When conducting my research I was getting very excited with all the possibilities this brief could lead! I tried to make the project bigger than the brief but it wasn’t realistic with the 4 day timeframe. In the future I’ll need to remember to stick to the brief, understand my time constraints, and keep it simple!


PF mockup.png
Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 11.33.41.png
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