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SNKRS by Nike is an app that allows users to explore, buy, and unlock the many sneakers and merchandise that Nike has to offer. It allows the users access to the latest launches, hottest events, and exclusive releases.

Role: UX/UI Designer

Responsibilities: Add a Feature, Problem Discovery, Problem Definition, Heuristic Evaluation, Wireframing, User Flows, Testing, Prototyping

Duration: 4 day design sprint

Tools: Figma

SNKRS casestudy image.png


The sneaker industry is massive, with people obsessing over trending colour-ways and new releases. However, the SNKRS app is missing a crucial feature - the ability to share and showcase your collection with friends. While users can add items to their favourites, they crave the interactive experience of seeing what their friends are collecting, buying, and liking.


Sneaker enthusiasts are eager to expand their sneaker knowledge and connect with others who share their passion. However, they are currently limited in their ability to do so within the existing platform.



Sneaker collectors want their friends' help to learn more about sneakers, but they're currently unable to do it due to restrictions

People tend to trust their friends' taste in style and are more inclined to buy something if their friends have favourited it

By conducting online surveys and research interviews, I uncovered valuable insights using various methodologies, including Affinity Mapping, Empathy Mapping, and Jobs to be done.

Create a feature within the SNKRS by Nike app that allows users to add items to a Collection on their profile and the ability to view their friend’s Collections.



Create a "Collections"  section within a user profiles for curating and showcasing personalised sneaker collections


Create a "Friends" section within a users profile that allows users to view, save, and share what their friends are collecting


Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 13.29.38.png

Ideation & Prototyping

User Flow

At this stage I wanted to create User Flow to map out the kinds of paths that each user can take with proposed solutions. 

user flow snkrs.png



Mid-fi Prototype




After conducting usability studies that followed the user flow, 5 testers were given the task of "visit your friends' profiles and add an item from their collection to your own." The studies identified the following problem areas based on the feedback received from the testers.


I made a design update by relocating the title of each collection to the picture. This change aligned with the design principles and the overall branding of the app. Additionally, I reviewed the app's organization to ensure coherence.

To simplify the user experience, I eliminated the "See More" button. Instead, each collection now has its own clickable area with the title embedded within the picture. This modification aims to enhance usability and streamline the browsing process.




If you'd like to look around the final prototype, you can find it   here  

If you'd like to read the in-depth version of this case study, you can find that right here!  


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