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  About Me  

◠﹏◠✿  You want to know about little ol' me?


From England, living in San Diego, CA.


I've spent a long time looking for a career that I'm genuinely happy to get out of bed for, one that I enjoy and one I can say that I have a knack for.

While working I use my problem solving skills and ability to work fabulously in a team to create user focused designs, every time. I strive to create fun and inclusive designs that benefits all users.


Working with me is a fun and rewarding experience as I love every part of the process and am heavily focused on creating a product for the users that's highly enjoyable.

  My Story  

  Life Experience  

I have a BA(hons) in Education studies from University of Brighton, England. Before starting this journey I had 2 years of living in Japan teaching English. I’ve worked in a multitude of customer facing roles, including being a flight attendant and working behind a bar. How's that for diverse?

  Free Time   

I grew up on a farm in the English countryside so I love open spaces. I am an avid kite surfer and I love being in the water and sunshine! Yet somehow I find myself enamoured with my computer doing UXUI design, riddle me that! I’m a Mumma to an adorable blue pitty, named Rosie. I'll show you all the pictures, just ask!


  UX/UI Skills  

✤ Empathy
✤ Teamwork
✤ User Centred Design
✤ Project Management
✤ Highly Organised
✤ Wireframing
✤ Interviews
✤ Usability Studies
✤ Adaptability
✤ Prototyping
✤ User Research

Want to get in contact?

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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